Mary Stein, Assistant Director at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library systems, delivers an impassioned talk about the future of libraries and information sciences and how we must embrace multiple “geeks” or specialties to arrive at the ideal library spaces we need as a community.

One of the “geeks” essential to Stein’s vision are Next Generation Librarians who embrace the power of technology to create innovative spaces for patrons to learn and create content. Next Generation Librarians are innovative, self-taught agents of change who endlessly experiment and engage patrons where they live as part of a global community.

As libraries become increasingly digital, Next Generation Librarians need skills and tools to  meet the needs of their patrons while still making the library a dynamic space for learning and making knowledge.

Next Generation Librarians 2014 the result of a partnership between Districts 5 and 7 of the Texas Library Association. This virtual conference brings together graduate students, scholars, librarians, archivists, developers and programmers, administrators, and anyone with an interest in the changing role of libraries in the 21st century.

Membership in TLA is not required to participate.

Participants will hear presentations on social media marketing, grant writing and library services.

If you are interested in presenting at Next Generation Librarians please submit a proposal and register.

Moreover, participants will have access to recordings of the presentations online for at least two weeks following the workshops. Continuing education units will be available.


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